Universal Life Insurance

With Universal Life Insurance, you can have a flexible and permanent protection plan to give you a peace of mind.

What is Universal Life Insurance?

Universal Life Insurance premiums go into your policy’s account value and earn interest. Each month, various deductions are made from the account and you are able to take loans or withdraw from your account value for your personal needs.  Loans do accrue interest and unpaid loans and interest cause the death benefit and cash value to decrease. However, the policy will remain as long as the cash value covers all of the various deductions each month.

Reasons to Get Universal Life Insurance

  • Helps during loss of income

  • You have access to cash value for life’s opportunities

  • Business planning and estate planning

You never know when something unexpected may occur. However, with a Universal Life Insurance plan you can be prepared for the unexpected. Contact one of our agents today to receive your free and no obligation quote.


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